Our selection procedure follows a structured 5-step process. Why? This ensures a maximum chance of success when filling in our vacancies.

1. The basis - the groundwork

We like to spend a lot of time keeping up with the interests and skills of our contacts and building a good quality network of people. A first orientation is not always obvious, but it is necessary, given that here the foundation is laid for good contact in the future and therefore good cooperation. Our mission is therefore to contact the right person for the right position or assignment and thus exclusively offer relevant opportunities to the people in our network.

2. Contacting - the search

If it comes to a personal contact, we have already achieved part of our goal. Establishing these contact moments is very time-consuming and can sometimes be difficult - everyone is busy and is often contacted by telephone for anything and everything - but we would like to clarify why this contact, with TiTANS, is worthwhile.

In the first place we like to listen to what the person in question is saying: what is he/she currently doing, what are his/hers ambitions and current and future focus. Next, we go propose the current relative open positions we are working on, in an empathic, constructive but critical way. Does this position really matches the interests, skills and expectations of the person on the other side of the line?

If this is not the case, we address the specific reason for this and would like to offer other options. In case we do not currently have the right position or assignment in our portfolio, we briefly discuss the interests, experience and expectations with regard to offering relevant opportunities in the future.

If this is the case, we will - depending on the availability of our contact - take the next step and plan an interview in house or video conference.

3. Face to Face meeting - the recruitment work

Relatively speaking, this is only a small, but no less important, part of our work. Can the initial interest turn into a sustainable relationship? We take the time to review the profile of the candidate and discuss the offered position and the client. Together we will examine whether an initial interview between candidate and client could be of interest to both parties. If we are convinced of this, we inform the client about the candidate on the basis of a professional CV - tailored to the relevant experience and strengths of our candidate - with oral explanation.

4. Customer feedback - the nice work

Of course we expect positive feedback from the client. This positive feedback usually results in an interview with our customer on site (or video conference). To prevent misunderstandings and shorten the lead time, this process is closely monitored by us. Scheduling appointments and following up any subsequent steps are also part of our responsibilities. Both parties can contact us at any time with questions about the status of the trajectory.

If the customer does not wish to schedule a meeting, we will inform the candidate of the reason for this. This feedback helps our candidate to prepare for a possible future application and fits the decision of the customer. After all, much time and precious energy was already invested by all parties in previous steps.

5. The start of a new challenge - the satisfaction

Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied client and satisfied candidate. Finding a new professional challenge for the right candidate at the right customer at the right time is the biggest challenge. This is what we do in our own way. The TiTANS way.


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