Privacy Policy - Protection of privacy

If you are included in our database

TiTANS respects people's privacy in accordance with applicable laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

TiTANS records in its files data relating to the people with whom it has contact, such as identification data, financial details, personal characteristics, leisure activities and interests, education and training and (other skills related to) the profession and job, data about the use of the services of TiTANS, data about communication traffic (including time and date of calls, type of contact, content), billing and payment data and data about current and potential systems.

This information and personal data of the people who come from and/or can be found on various websites (including the website of TiTANS, Stepstone, Monster, LinkedIn, VDAB, etc.) and/or in the context of the services provided by third parties are communicated to TiTANS, are processed by TiTANS for the following purposes:

- effectively and efficiently selecting and contacting people to propose job offers or collaboration

In line with this are:

- the candidates and customer administration;

- drawing up profiles for marketing purposes;

- marketing research;

- conducting general and personalized marketing or promotional campaigns for TiTANS products and services by post, e-mail or SMS;

- the delivery and billing of requested services;

- checking the quality of the services;

- detecting fraud and infringements against TiTANS, its employees, its customers or its suppliers;

- conducting marketing or promotional campaigns for products and services of third parties that have a partnership with TiTANS.


The data that is kept is:

- identification data

- financial details

- personal characteristics

- leisure activities and interests

- education and training

- profession and position

- other skills related to the profession and job

This data can be combined with data provided by the people in their contact with TiTANS by mail, telephone or in a personal conversation (eg interview) to better tailor our offers to the needs.

The data is used internally and can be made known to other private companies, services or subsidiary companies, or individuals or organizations in direct relationship with the controller and the purpose.

In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy, access to the registered personal data can be requested at any time. This data can be improved upon simple request.

The people who wish to do so can ask to be removed from the database that TiTANS has created at any time. It suffices to send an e-mail to with a clear mention of name and e-mail address to obtain the deletion.

You may object free of charge to the use of your data for direct marketing, such as the “job alert”. It suffices to send an e-mail to with a clear mention of name and e-mail address, to obtain the removal from the mailing list.

You will find this letter on our website under 'Privacy Policy'. Given that privacy legislation is evolving rapidly, the privacy section of this site can be adjusted; it is available at any time on the site for consultation.

If you have general questions about your and our rights and obligations regarding the protection of privacy, we would like to refer you to

If you have specific questions or comments in this context, do not hesitate to contact us via 

You will receive a personal answer within 24 hours: the protection of privacy is important to you and important to us!

Yours sincerely,


Kees Maenhout


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